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About the Kafka Society of America

The Kafka Society of America (KSA) was established in San Francisco in 1975 by Marie Luise Caputo-Mayr, with the encouragement of Walter H. Sokel, the Society's honorary president. A newsletter has been published since 1977, which is now the Journal of the Kafka Society of America (JKSA), the oldest Kafka-related journal and only Kafka research journal in existence.

The KSA was founded in order to facilitate and stimulate scholarly exchange in the field of international Kafka studies. It has been connected with bibliographical research for the last three decades, resulting in Franz Kafka: International Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Literature (Saur, Munich, 2000), published in three volumes, and, at over 1,000 pages, the most extensive Kafka bibliography thus far, with German and English commentaries on book publications.

Meetings of the Society are held in conjunction with the Modern Language Association of America (MLA) Convention. Since 1977, the JKSA has presented papers given at the annual meetings, other articles, essays, bibliographies, information on dissertations, research reports, advance notice of Kafka projects, publications, exhibitions, conferences and other materials of interest. Kafka-related information and advertisements are also included. Submissions are welcome. Since 2000, with the change of location to New York, the Journal’s “New International Series” began.

Membership is open to anyone interested in Kafka studies. For further information, suggestions and comments, please email: or .

Officers of the Kafka Society of America 2011–2012*

Honorary President Walter H. Sokel, University of Virginia
Honorary Board Walter H. Sokel, University of Virginia
Jürgen Born, University of Wuppertal, Germany
Stanley A. Corngold, Princeton University
Josef Čermák, Prague
President , City College, CUNY
Vice-president , University of Illinois, Chicago
Director and Editor
Executive and Editorial Advisory Committee
(In formation)

, City College, CUNY
Walter H Sokel, University of Virginia
, University of Illinois, Chicago
An Amended Constitution is presently being submitted to the membership with the request to vote on it.

Journal of the Kafka Society of America

Assistant Editors Jeffrey Grossman, University of Virginia
Keith Leslie Johhson, Georgia Regents University

Journal of the Kafka Society of America, ISSN: 0894-6399.
Advertising rate: USD $150.00 per page

The Kafka Society of America organizes and sponsors scholarly presentations on Kafka-related topics at the Modern Language Association convention, held annually in January. Suggestions for future MLA-Kafka sessions are welcome.

Editorial Suggestions for Contributors to Our MLA
Sessions and for All Other Submissions

We have traditionally asked presenters at our MLA-Kafka sessions to reserve their papers for publication in the Journal of the Kafka Society of America. We are offering a forum for Kafka debate at the MLA and our Journal will continue to reflect this effort. Your presentation should be original and not have been previously published.

Papers may be submitted in either English or German. We would like to ask our contributing scholars for the professional courtesy of preparing and editing their papers with utmost care. Your manuscripts should be no longer than 15 pages single-spaced (a maximum of approximately 12,000 words) and be Microsoft Word 2010-compatible. Please, follow the most recent MLA style manual: “Endnotes” (Notes) and Works Cited are required; consult recent editions of the PMLA or our Journal. The page setup should be: top and bottom 1"; left and right 1.25"; header and footer 0.5". There are no endnote separators. We ask in particular for you to double-check all endnotes, names, dates, quotations and citations for accuracy. Kindly make use of collegial editorial help. We are working with volunteers and time is of the essence.

Submit your article via email attachment to the editors mentioned below and make sure to include your complete work and home addresses, phone, fax and email information. Your finalized papers should go by electronic submission to: Maria Luise Caputo-Mayr, (160 East 65th St., 2C, New York, NY 10065), Julius M. Herz: paper copies only (3795 Route 212, Riegelsville, PA 18077) and Dagmar C. G. Lorenz, , with hard copies to the addresses in parentheses.

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Kafka Society of America
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